“I found Mr Kearns to be very approachable and professional at all times. My foot was really bad for the last two to three years but I haven’t looked back since my surgery. His team are excellent and I would recommend him highly to any one in the future.”

Geraldine, 58, Co. Limerick.

“I got my ankle replaced last year and haven’t known myself since. I had got numerous injections from the GP, a couple of pairs of orthotics and bought countless new shoes. Mr Kearns said I would be a good candidate for an ankle replacement and I haven’t regretted it since. Six weeks off my feet was really worth the last year of enjoyment.”

Pat, 63, Co. Clare.

“I have worked closely with Mr Kearns for the last couple of years with a lot of our players. He has gone above and beyond the call of duty and has got our guys back playing rugby as quickly as possible. He has provided excellent after care and is using techniques at the cutting edge of foot and ankle surgery worldwide.”

Gavin Malouf, head physiotherapist for Connacht Rugby 2012-2015.