Joint replacements are common operations in orthopaedic practice and both hip and knee replacements are well developed and successful procedures. They are the gold standard treatment method for patients with end stage arthritis and offer improvements in both pain and functionality. Osteoarthritis generally affects older people but may occur in younger patients following Rheumatoid Arthritis, fractures of the hip or other rare conditions.

Ankle replacements is a much newer procedure but it is important to note not all patients are suitable for it. Ultimately Mr Kearns experience and expertise determines what patients are suitable for the procedure but so far results have been promising.

All joint replacements are big operations and it is important to ensure all patients are fit and well before their operation. Some patients are sent for blood tests or ECGs (echocardiograms of the heart) to ensure there are no problems before the operation. It is also important to get a once over from the dentist before your operation but all this will be explained by the surgeon before the procedure.